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Breakfast Club


The Combo-2 pancakes or 2 slices french toast.  2 eggs & 2 slices of bacon, sausage or fruit    5.95

For flavored pancakes, add .50  For turkey sausage/turkey bacon, add 1.75


 French Toast-Your choice of raisin, wheat or thick egg bread.  1 Slice  1.95    2 Slices  3.75    3 Slices  5.50


4th Street French Toast-Thick egg french toast stuffed with cream cheese & topped with butter & cinnamon sugar.  6.50


Flavored Pancakes-Your choice of banana nut, blueberry or multigrain

single pancake   2.50      short stack   4.75     full stack   7.00


Buttermilk Pancakes- single pancake   2.00     short stack   3.75    full stack   5.50



Scramblers are also served with potatoes and choice of toast


Dr. Wís- 5 egg whites scrambled with chicken, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach & brown rice

(no extra potatoes)   8.95


Veggie Scramble-3 eggs scrambled with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach & cheese   7.95

Tomís way - add veggie chorizo and black beans 1.95


Tonyís Turkey Sausage Scramble- 3 eggs scrambled, with our turkey sausage, jack & cheddar cheeses 8.50


Potato Scramble  Potatoes, eggs & cheese all scrambled together with your choice of one:bacon, sausage, tomatoes

or spinach  (no extra potatoes)  8.75


Feta Scramble 3 eggs with grilled red onions, mushrooms, spinach & feta cheese    8.75


Apple Honey Sausage Scramble-3 eggs scrambled with our apple honey sausage & cheddar cheese     8.25


Davidís Scrambler-3 eggs with ham, bacon, sausage, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms & cheddar cheese.  Topped with avocado & sour cream    9.75


The Ham Scram-3 eggs scrambled with ham, mushrooms, jack & cheddar cheeses     8.25


Low Carb Scramble-3 eggs with jack & cheddar cheeses,& choice of chicken breast or hamburger patty.  Served with cottage cheese & tomato (no toast)   8.50


Rajun Cajun Scramble-3 eggs with Louisiana Hot sausage, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms & cheese    8.25



South of the Border

Served with potatoes or rice.  For our spicy chicken chile verde, add 1.25


The Baja Burrito-3 eggs, black beans, cheese, brown rice wrapped in a tortilla.  Topped with avocado, sour cream, & salsa.

Your choice of one: chicken, steak,  chorizo, or veggie chorizo. (no extra toast)    8.95


Marcoís Huevos Rancheros-2 eggs served over-easy on a corn tortilla with refried beans. Topped with Spanish sauce, cheese & sour cream     7.50


Salís Enchilada Eggs-3 eggs scrambled and rolled in corn tortillas, cheese & Spanish sauce.  Topped with sour cream

7.25  (add chicken 1.75)


Veggie Chorizo & Eggs-7.25


Chorizo & Eggs-7.25


Douglasís Breakfast Quesadilla-Scrambled eggs, cheese, green chiles layered in a grilled flour tortilla.  Topped with salsa, avocado & sour cream  (no extra toast)     7.75



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